Where Hallowe’en & Thanksgiving Meet

Crouching in the south-eastern corner of the board sits the Wicked Witch of the East: Turkey. History Turkey, in the guise of the Ottoman Empire, was a major power in the Middle Ages. For much of this period, it controlled the Balkans and, on more than one occasion, was knocking on the doors of Vienna. […]

The North Sea

In Diplomacy there are a number of spaces on the board which are key to the game.  Some are SCs, some aren’t.  Many are land spaces, a few are sea.  The North Sea is extremely important to England’s survival. England can – and almost always does – occupy the North Sea in Spring 1901.  This […]

New Blog

Well, I made a decision about this blog today. Originally I intended the blog to be mainly about Diplomacy but with some non-Diplomacy posts too. However, today I decided to rethink this idea.  It seems to make more sense retrospectively to separate the two kinds of posts. It’s Diplomacy, Dawg will now be a Dip-only […]

The Musketeer Alliance

In Diplomacy relationships are everything, as should be clear by now.  The closest form of relationship in Dip is the alliance. There are different ideas about alliances in Dip.  One idea suggests that they don’t actually exist…  Yeah, made me scratch my head that one, too. This is explicable though, if you’re prepared to stretch […]

Encircled – the Austria-Hungary Story

Italy or Austria-Hungary?  Which would you rather avoid the most? There are some scoring systems which modify points earned in a game (I say ‘earned’ rather than ‘won’ because, for some bizarre reason, many scoring systems award points for other outcomes rather than a win or a draw) by weighting scores based on which powers […]

Alpha Male? Immaturity

Well, it’s finally happened.  Trump is officially the President of the USA.  No waking up from this one. There were a number of interviews about this on the TV.  In one of them, a guy in biker gear said the reason he supported Trump was that there was now an “alpha male” in the White […]

Why Should They?

I’ve written strategy posts on four of the seven powers in Diplomacy now.  Still have Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Russia to go.  But I’ve found myself asking a question repeatedly: Why should they? “Why should they what?” you may ask. Well, why should they anything?  Let’s put some context to this vague and meaningless start.  I’ve […]