Alpha Male? Immaturity

Well, it’s finally happened.  Trump is officially the President of the USA.  No waking up from this one.

There were a number of interviews about this on the TV.  In one of them, a guy in biker gear said the reason he supported Trump was that there was now an “alpha male” in the White House.

This got me wondering what an alpha male actually is meant to be.  In nature an alpha male is a leader, the animal that leads the pack, or troop, or whatever.  On the very simple basis that Trump leads the US – the head of state and commander in chief of US armed forces – this is true.

This isn’t what the ‘biker’, meant, though.  What he meant was the variation on the meaning that says a man who assumes a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.

Is this Trump?  Well, yes, it is.  But any successful politician is the same.  No politician has ever found success without being dominant.  I think we should recognise that ‘dominant’ is different from ‘domineering’.  Dominant means leading; domineering means bullying.

I went to the website for more information on this idea of the alpha male.  This strange site thinks one can become alpha, that there are characteristics that a person – male or female – can learn or adopt that will make that person ‘alpha’.

Well, yes, there is no doubt that these actions can be learnt.  There’s nothing that says anyone couldn’t adopt certain ways of behaving.  That’s called ‘acting’, though.  An alpha is someone who has this side to her/his character or personality.  That’s why they are characteristics: they’re part of a character.  You can’t learn characteristics.

Anyway, what are the characteristics of an alpha male, according to this website?  The site is very helpful: “Here we simplify everything for you with guidelines to being alpha,” it tells us.  Interesting that an alpha would need things simplifying.

  • Confidence.  Apparently, alphas “know they are the shit.  Whether they are or not to somebody else doesn’t really matter.”  They “just go for it because they are that confident.”  Well, we have a problem, here.  If someone doesn’t recognise somebody as being an alpha, that person isn’t an alpha.  Alphas are recognised as being alphas because they are alphas.  The site says, “When’s the last time you saw an alpha… second guessing themselves?”  So an alpha has to be recognised as an alpha or else how can anyone know whether it is an alpha that isn’t second-guessing rather than someone who is unsure?
  • Have intangibles (mentally tough).  Well, let’s think about that, shall we?  “Intangible” means not having a physical presence.  So let’s forget this idiotic comment and simply go with mental toughness.  If they fail, the site says, “they will eventually succeed if they just keep going.”  So, stubborn rather than mentally tough.  Persistent, if you like.  On the other hand, the definition of insanity, according to Einstein, is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results.”
  • Competitive.  Alphas compete.  They don’t like to lose.  They even “want to beat the hell out of you and make you remember they won.”  Actually, no.  Alphas shouldn’t have to compete.  If they are having to compete, then they are not recognised as being alphas.  Someone thinks they are there to be challenged.
  • Presence.  Apparently, an alpha is watched when they enter a room.  When they walk through the door “people turn and look at” them.  Maybe they carry trumpets to blow themselves into a room?  Sorry, but this is simply idiotic.  Nobody turns to watch someone walk into a room unless that person is making a fuss.
  • Strong body language.  The site doesn’t explain this.  Click on the link, we’re told.  So I clicked the link.  This is what it said: “Learn body language from someone that knows alpha male body language. Not some one that looks like shit or has never been alpha in their life!”  Hang on… what did the site say about confidence?
  • Walk like the shit.  Apparently, an alpha walks like s/he is “in control and know where they are going.”  OK.  So, they’re looked at a map?  And they have a swagger, apparently.  They show off, in other words.
  • Position themselves.  Why, the site asks, do alphas sit at the head of the table?  Well, isn’t that social convention?  The person who is leading the meeting sits in a position where she can be seen, doesn’t she?  This is nothing to do with being alpha, more to do with ease of sight.

The site goes on, either repeating itself of throwing in other crap.  For instance, the alpha male “gets the girl”.  For fuck’s sake.

Let’s be honest.  The site makes an attempt to be non-sexist on this page: “The problem most men and women that want to be alpha face is a lack of knowledge and guidance on the traits and characteristics necessary to become alpha.”  Men and women.  That’s it.  They then don’t mention women at all other than how the alpha male acts domineeringly towards women.

So what does this site suggest?  Alphas are male – forget females as an alpha.  We don’t consider females as alpha because we’ve got a male dominant society, because our society is built on physical dominance, historically.

Here’s what it boils down to: Alpha males are immature.  And in this we find Trump encapsulated.

Whether he likes it or not, his prevailing attitude is misogynistic.  He sees women as being there for him.

When he is challenged, he uses personal abuse to fight back.  He doesn’t have the intelligence to fight his corner any other way.  Business intelligence?  Yes, of course.  Political nous?  Obviously.

But everything about Trump screams immaturity.  Does this make him an alpha male?  Well, if the website’s correct, then it does… because there is no way to differentiate being an alpha male from being a child.

Both need attention and need to be the centre of attention.  If they are challenged, or don’t get their own way, they sulk, scream and strike out.  Everything is about them.

This is what you elected, you Americans who voted for Trump.  You elected an immature man who has never been able to develop a mature attitude.  Whatever else you can say about Trump, the fact that he doesn’t intend to give up his childish rants on Twitter is a clear indication of this.

Many Americans need to grow up.  This isn’t going to happen for at least four years because they’ve elected a president who has never grown up.

And for those who claim they elected a man who has nothing to do with the political establishment and so they want the cronyism and self-serving, fat-cat attitude eliminated from US government… take a look at Trump again.

I’m not talking about his physical appearance, but have you not seen him?  The fattest cat on the block.  No more cronyism?  Look at his family, look at his appointments.  It is simply change of cronies.

Change?  Yes.  But not every change is good.


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