This is a blog principally about Diplomacy, a board game that I play on the internet.  As I said in my first post, I’ve played the game for years, I’ve written about it for fewer years and I’m still learning it.

Diplomacy is the king of games and that’s one of the reasons I chose to write about it in a blog.  I’ve not yet completely decided what I’m going to be including but some of the content will be:

  • opinion posts,
  • strategy posts,
  • game discussions,
  • general posts about the Diplomacy hobby, and
  • upcoming events (where I know them!)

I play on the net’s biggest Diplomacy site, Playdiplomacy.com.  I used to administer the site but have recently given that up.  I also write in The Diplomatic Pouch and am an editor there.

But I will also include some other posts which won’t be categorised under DIPLOMACY.  I have opinions on other things, too.  So don’t expect it all to be about Diplomacy!