Alliances in Diplomacy

Here I’ll give my names for the alliances that can develop in Diplomacy.

I’ll split the alliances into Dual Alliances between two powers and Triple Alliances between three powers.

Of course, alliances may form between any number of powers!  However, a quadruple alliance (four powers) or bigger usually only forms when either:

  • a single power is close to winning, making this alliance a Stop the Leader (STL) alliance, or Grand Alliance, which has a single objective; or
  • when two alliance structures are fighting to dominate the board.

These are what I call “ad hoc alliances”, formed as needed.  As such, I don’t think they need specific names.

Dual Alliances

England and …

  • France: The Entente Cordiale
  • Italy: The Hadrian
  • Germany: The Anglo-Saxon
  • Austria: The Castlereagh
  • Turkey: The Broomstick
  • Russia: The Anglonaut

France and …

  • Italy: The Victor Emmanuel
  • Germany: The Rhineland
  • Austria: The Versailles
  • Turkey: The Levantine
  • Russia: The Franconaut

Italy and …

  • Germany: The Pact of Steel
  • Austria: The Adriatic
  • Turkey: The Unholy Alliance
  • Russia: The Wintergreen

Germany and …

  • Austria: The Dual Alliance
  • Turkey: The Admiral Souchon
  • Russia: The Rapallo

Austria-Hungary and …

  • Turkey: The Carlowitz
  • Russia: The Austronaut

Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Juggernaut

Triple Alliances

England, France and …

  • Italy: The Atlantic Arc
  • Germany: The Western Triple
  • Austria: The Battenburg
  • Turkey: The Crimean
  • Russia: The Triple Entente

England, Italy and …

  • Germany: The Guillotine
  • Austria: The Arrowhead
  • Turkey: The Maritime Triple
  • Russia: The Turquoise Triple

England, Germany and …

  • Austria: The Vibelo
  • Turkey: The Czar Crusher
  • Russia: The Viking

England, Austria and …

  • Turkey: The Hammer and Anvil
  • Russia: The German Vice

England, Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Anglonaut

France, Italy and …

  • Germany: The Swiss Triple
  • Austria: The Munich Maul
  • Turkey: The Mediterranean Triple
  • Russia: The Seagreen

France, Germany and …

  • Austria: The Italian Ire
  • Turkey: The Noose
  • Russia: The Anglo ‘Ammer

France, Austria and …

  • Turkey: The Roman Ruin
  • Russia: The Bottleneck

France, Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Franconaut

Italy, Germany and …

  • Austria: The Central Triple
  • Turkey: The Austrian Axe
  • Russia: The Winter’s Night

Italy, Austria and …

  • Turkey: The Southern Triple
  • Russia: The Stuffed Turkey

Italy, Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Vienna Sandwich

Germany, Austria and …

  • Turkey: The Chained Bear
  • Russia: The Dreikaiserbund

Germany, Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Germanaut

Austria-Hungary, Turkey and …

  • Russia: The Eastern Triple