Central Success

Of the three central powers in Diplomacy – Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary – Germany is the most successful.  Is this because she has an advantage over the other two? Geography Germany is almost encircled.  However, she has an almost guaranteed two SC gain in 1901 and a decent chance at three. To guarantee two builds […]

Neither Fish nor Fowl?

Italy is seen by many as one of the more difficult powers to play in Diplomacy.  When you consider the geography, you can see why… but we won’t be considering the geography until later in the post, so I’ll leave you in antici– History At the risk of offending any Italian readers, it has to […]

Christmas away from Home

Since I’ve been with my gorgeous partner Janet I’ve spent each Christmas away from home at her parents’ house. There are many things to say that reflect the good of this arrangement.  Free food, almost free drink, getting away from home, good fun, etc. However, as the years have gone on (four of them now) […]

Allez la France

Most experienced players, if asked which power a newby should play, would say France. France is one of the powers that does well in games of Dip, almost regardless of format or players.  The theory is that this makes it a good power to play if you’re looking to get into Diplomacy. Two questions come […]

Diplomacy Means Diplomacy

There may be more than a bit of meaninglessness in the title of this post but it’s true nonetheless. When playing Diplomacy, you are – first and foremost – a diplomat.  The clue, after all, is in the name. And yet so many players ignore this especially in webplay. On many websites you’ll come across a […]

Opening Moves

You can’t win the game at the start of 1901.  However, some will tell you, you can lose the game.  You can’t. Diplomacy is a game where the start is important.  Make the wrong decisions in 1901 and you’ll find the game difficult to recover. This isn’t to do with the moves you make, usually, […]

The Entente Cordiale

As I mentioned it in the last post, I thought it would be good to do a brief examination of the England/France alliance, the Entente Cordiale. England & France: A History Throughout history, there had been one certainty: England and France were rivals.  This had come about because the English monarch held lands – usually […]